Jerry Lee Hosts Playing for Change Day Event

While reading a story this morning on how music therapy can help people cope with issues ranging from everyday challenges like stress to diseases like Alzheimer’s, I realized that September is the month for the annual global FPC Event (Playing for Change Day events). I have been an admiring supporter of the Playing for Change […]

Breedlove USA Series Scored “Best in Show” at NAMM

Breedlove USA Series gets Best in Show at NAMM

As the only distinctive Breedlove dealer in the greater Jacksonville/Southeast Georgia area, we are proud when Breedlove guitars are singled out for their excellence in NAMM U’s Summer 2017 Show with a “Best in Show” Award. And that is what happened during the recent National Association of Music Merchants Summer show in Nashville Tennessee, when […]

Jerry Lee Adds Washburn Acoustic Guitars to the Stores

Recently we added a selection of Washburn Acoustic Guitars to the store and online shop. With a history that roots in the civil war era, it is a complex task to trace the history of any particular instrument of this period. Not only did Washburn in those days often change designs to follow the rapidly […]

The Internet and the Recent Ukulele Revival

Kala's Elite Series

The ukulele is not an ancient instrument yet after its initial ups and down as the guitar’s little sister, we are now experiencing an incredible recent ukulele revival. As a hybrid descendant of the historic guitar line, it started its ascent in popularity with sugar cane field workers from the Atlantic Portuguese island of Madeira […]

Rosewood a Traditional Tone Wood Choice

rosewood back and sides

This 6th and final installment on tone woods and their sustainability within an ever growing consumer demand is about rosewood, one of the most expensive tonewood varieties. Rosewood has a lot to live up to with its smooth, warm tone and complex harmonic overtones. Visually, Rosewood is typically dark, chocolate brown in color, with a […]

Maple, often overlooked as a sustainable tonewood

In this fifth installment on sustainable tone woods for string instruments we’re talking about Maple. Though far less common as a tonewood, Maple nonetheless prominently features on some of the most popular acoustic guitars ever made. One of the hardest and most dense tonewood varieties, maple is famed for its bright tone, great projection and […]

Mahogany is the most Popular Choice of Tonewoods

Mahogany is the most popular choice of tonewoods for guitar backs and sides, though it’s also occasionally used as a top material. Mahogany is a dense wood, with a dark finish, and close grain. Tonally, it has far warmer, darker tone than both Cedar and Spruce. As a material for back and sides, mahogany’s density […]

Ebony as a Tonewood

ebony fingerboards are sustainably challenged

In this third installment on sustainable tone woods, we’ll be talking about Ebony as a Tonewood. Previously we talked about KOA and Spruce. Woods commonly used for instrument building, known in the industry as ‘tonewoods’, more often than not are tropical hardwoods growing in countries with rampant illegal logging, lax law enforcement, and disappearing rainforests. […]

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