Jerry Lee’s Music Store is located in Historic Saint Marys, Georgia. More than just a music store, Jerry Lee’s Music Store also features an Artisan Emporium to the claim to be the unparalleled string music instrument leader in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida. With fully professional 32 track recording studio, jam room and artistic exchange opportunities, Jerry Lee’s is a gathering point for many musicians in the region.

With a wide range of offerings ranging from electric and acoustic guitar and bass instruments, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and a variety of amplification equipment, drums and drum accessories, Peavey Amplifiers, music lessons conducted by seasoned professionals, Professional Grade PA gear, and the most comfortable on-site professional recording studio in the area, Jerry Lee’s Music Store and Artisan Emporium is dedicated to being your one stop when it comes to all of your music needs.

I maintain the strictest standards in the products I sell from the least expensive starter guitar to the most expensive concert performance instrument; if I wouldn’t want my child or loved one to learn on it, I won’t sell it!!

I feel the same about the other equipment we sell and we strive to provide the best products for the best price!

I pride myself in our customer service and believe in the difference it makes and so will you!!!

While I promise to provide you with the best online service possible, for the fullest experience come and visit our store if you live nearby, sample the finest instruments and services first hand and in our comfortably laid back Southern way! It’s the flavor and the beauty of coastal Georgia and the surrounding area!

See you soon…Jerry Lee

All new products sold come with a full manufacturers warranty and we will help in any way we can, should it be necessary to use any of them.

An important message from Jerry Lee:
Jerry Lee’s Music Store and Artisans Emporium is

• a Factory Authorized Peavey Dealer and

•a Distinctive Breedlove dealer.

When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’re buying new products (unless otherwise disclosed) that are priced exactly as Peavey and Breedlove intend and require from its recognized dealers, with full factory warranty included.

You may well find differing prices in an online search of other retailers or of online auction sites, but any seller that does not carry the badge of honor that comes with being a Factory Authorized Dealer cannot offer you any form of warranty on your purchased equipment.

Jerry Lee

I have been playing guitar since about the age of twelve and enjoy many types of music: bluegrass to blues to folk rock pop etc. I played mostly for fun and had a day job with Bellsouth Telecommunications from which I retired after 30 years at the age of 48. Looking for something else to do with my life that I would be happy with I knew it would have to involve music! I soon scrapped the idea of owning a bar where I could play music and after researching the area, it was obvious that there was a need for a music store in the area and my building was pretty centrally located for the needs of the surrounding area so in 2010 Jerry Lee’s Music and Artisan’s Emporium was born! This has proven to be the right move and I have and am thoroughly enjoying providing the customer service that everyone deserves, be it sales or lessons or just plain educating customers young and old about the many types of instruments from acoustic guitars to resonators, banjos, etc to electric guitars to PA systems and so on. I have had the good fortune to have a very supportive and helpful family living nearby, my lovely Mom Sally and my wonderful stepdad Doug as well as a beautiful daughter Erin, my awesome granddaughter Abby and the best son in law anyone could have Mike! It also helps that am around and involved with the best musicians and technicians in the southeast if not the entire country! I love being happy and sharing positive attitude and information with those I have contact with and I never meet a stranger, so come on in and leave feeling better than when you came in…look forward to seeing you for the first time again... Jerry Lee

Nick Petta
Musician, Producer, Engineer, Actor, Writer, Director

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, I started playing guitar in bars and clubs at the age of 15. Throughout the following years, I toured with some of the biggest names in the industry playing along side the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Joey Dee, The Shirelles, The Drifters, Stevie Wonder and far too many to mention here. I participated in many recording sessions with various groups throughout Nashville, New York, Boston, Atlanta and Tampa playing Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Country. In 1977 with my band Avalanche, we enjoyed a #1 Disco hit,(Mister Boogie Man) after which I finally settled in Alabama in 1978 and hooked up with Jimmy Ellis(Orion) then with Boblo Records and later with Sun Records, as his Music Director and guitar player. 1984, I signed with Stargem Records, Nashville, as a recording artist. In Dec. of 1989 while working with an electric saw, I had a terrible accident on my chord hand (left), that robbed me of my index finger, part of my thumb and damaged my middle finger to where it doesn’t bend much. At that time in my life, I thought my playing days were over!! In 1994 I got an acting part in a feature film, ("Cycle of Death") and I got interested in film making and wrote, directed and co-produced my own feature film, ("Warrior River"). After a 10 year period of time of not playing the guitar at all, I started to work in a music store in Birmingham, Al. Working in that environment stimulated my love for music and with the encouragement of many of the people working there and at the persistence of my lovely wife Loraine, I started to pick again, slowly but surely being convinced that there was a future for my music....I have recently retired from my own studio at Jerry Lee's Music store in St. Mary's, Ga. where I was also sales assistant and luthier. I have passed on all my experience and knowledge to Jerry Lee for the successful continuation of the studio.

Mom & Doug
Customer Service

Sally (Mom) and Doug Leatherman are invaluable to Jerry Lee’s Music as well as Jerry Lee! Mom and Doug got married at ages 82 & 74 and I’ll let you guess which is which. Today she is 85 and he is 77. They are an integral part of Jerry Lee’s music, always there to lend a hand for whatever needs to be done and always bringing the joy and love they have for each other as well as life in general as they move forward. I am blessed to have them on my team!!

Pepper Kinsey
Drum Instructor

I am Pepper Kinsey, drum instructor at Jerry Lee’s Music. I live in Kingsland, Georgia and Have lived in Camden County pretty much all my life. I had a passion for music at a young age so my parents enrolled me at Jacksonville University where for four years I studied percussion. I have played just about every style of music, rock, country, blues, r&b, gospel with various bands. This is why I think if you or your child is interested in playing drums I can get them headed in the right direction and get grounded in something that will give you much enjoyment for the rest of your and their lives!