Takamine Guitars

Takamine quality and craftsmanship consistently keeps it as the number one choice. Performing guitarists as well as front porch pickers prefer Takamine over all others! Commitment, innovation and dedication keep these works of pure art as the first choice by all. Fifty  years of this innovation and persistence has resulted in one of the finest playing and best known guitars in the world. The construction of these amazing guitars combined with the excellently matched electronics, keep Takamine at the head of the pack! Just look at the pros, Takamine is on nearly every stage you see and there’s a reason for this. These guys know what goes into making a quality and extremey durable instrument, one that won’t let you down and is always there to depend on. You would have to look very hard to find a recording studio that doesn’t have one in their arsenal. Other leaders in the industry look to them for direction and try to keep up! World class guitars by a world class company!… Takamine!!

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